The Cameleon™ brand stands for innovation, fun and comfort for people who want Steering wheel covers that conform to their personalities and lifestyles, as well as to their hand. Now in more styles than ever before, Cameleon™ is taking a big step forward in providing intuitive comfort to drivers everywhere.


Bring profound comfort, fun and innovation to the world’s drivers.

Brand Heritage

In its founding year,2011, Cameleon™ introduced an innovative Steering Wheel Cover made of 100% silicone material with it's technology held unique characteristics that allowed it to perform and improve overall driving experience with  characteristics new to the Automotive industry. The company was given the name Cameleon™ after the , nature of Chameleons providing a wide spead of colors and personallity and it's ability to change color depending on the mood and temperature. Cameleon™ cover is a unique brand defining our customer needs.

Building momentum with a cover unlike any other, Cameleon™ provided consumers with innovative, fun and comfortable drive that could be worn for many years. The Cameleon™ brand name started to build a feel-good physical and emotional experience with a life of its own.

Cameleon™ has quickly evolved to cross-cultural boundaries and now leads a global consumer movement.

Brand Attributes


What separates Cameleon™ from ordinary Steering wheel covers? Radical thinking, industry-leading innovation, meticulous health-minded research, and never forgetting who we ultimately answer to: drivers


Whether it’s with color, clever design, or in the way we get our message out, Cameleon™ always strives for smiles in an effort to elicit a feel-good emotional experience.


Our bread and butter, profound comfort is all about a feel-good physical experience. Innovations like advanced ergonomic design, Negative Ion technology it makes sure you’re comfortable from hand to hand..


Utilitarian design with versatile function helps Cameleon™ stand out. In a world full of bells and whistles, less is more.

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