Cameleon Cover -Neon Blue Oderless Silicone Steering Wheel Cover Glow in the Dark Edition!
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The first unique and only"Glow In The Dark Steering Wheel Cover
• Fits most standard cars 14"-16" Diameter
• 100% Silicone, non-toxic,allergy free, No bad odors! Latex Free, BPA Free
• Super heavy duty, durable, and long lasting life
• Easy to clean and Washable, Easy installation, soft and comfort driving

Product Description:

 Your looking at the NEW NEON"Glow In The Dark" Car steering wheel cover by Cameleon. It is the first and unique product on the market which brings great benefits and quality overall to the drivers for an amazing driving experience and comfort. Lets take a look at the benefits. How Glow In The Dark Works: Absorbs light and stores energy and glows in the dark. Results may vary depending on the amount of time exposed to the light. It normally lasts about 2-3hours depending on the amount of light exposed. Product Benefits: 1) One size fit's most standard cars!The silicone material is elastic unlike any other material which can extand from 14" to 15"5 or more to fit most standard car size steering wheel. 2) The best GRIP ever made. 3)100% Silicone, non-toxic, allergy free 4)Super easy to clean and washable 5)Super heavy duty and durable Silicone. 7)Good to drive with any kind of gloves. 8)Stylish, Unique,Functional easy to handle design. 9)Heat resistant/ Withstands extreme cold and hot temperatures. 10)Soft and gentle silicone Improves safer driving and overall comfort. 11) NO BAD ODORS! does not leave any bad odors inside a car! 12) No chemicals that may harm people. 13) Super Easy to install! 14) Eco-Friendly 15) High quality silicone which will last for years! 

      Neon Blue Silicone Steering Wheel Cover
  • Glow In the dark
  • Color: Neon - Blue
  • Item Number:152D
  • Size:14" Diameter
  • Extends up to 16" Diameter

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